Sharna Burgess’ Wardrobe Malfunction was Caught on Live Television

Millions of viewers saw Sharna Burgess’ nip slip moment during the live television airing of Dancing with the Stars. She was dancing to the tune of tango with NFL star, Antonio Brown. Sharna Burgess’ wardrobe malfunction didn’t stop her from performing her best. She even revealed that she also had another wardrobe issue prior to that infamous moment, but she powered through.

During a sexy tango performance, Sharna Burgess suffered from a nip slip, and it was caught on live television.

Despite what happened, she powered through with her performance and managed to impress the judges.

NFL star Antonio Brown was just as passionate as Sharna during their tango performance. Hence, none of them realized the nip slip moment.

Sharna is a dancing pro. Perhaps, the live nip slip wasn’t the first time that she suffered from wardrobe issue. Nevertheless, she had an amazing performance.

People were too obsessed with what happened on live TV, but they forgot that behind the drama, Sharna actually had an amazing performance.

Sharna had been with Dancing with the Stars for quite a while and she has managed to impress the judges with her amazing skills.

Sharna said she would be more careful with her choices of clothing after what happened during that live performance.

Although the camera captured that infamous nip slip on live TV, it was actually not her first wardrobe issue of the night. She even had one earlier.

Sharna said that wardrobe malfunction can happen to anyone. She said that she learned a lot from the experience.

Despite what happened, she continued wearing sexy dancing clothes and has remained impressive in her on stage performances.

Easily Achieve That “Kat Eye” with the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Katherine von Drachenberg or more popularly known as Kat Von D is a tattoo artist, musician, TV personality, model, and entrepreneur who was born in Mexico. Her family moved to Los Angeles, California when she was only 4 years old. Kat appeared on TLC reality TV series Miami Ink and LA Ink. She also started her own make-up line, which included the product called the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

In 2008, Kat Von D collaborated with Sephora and released a make-up line for the said French cosmetic store chain.

Due to its success, she released a new collection each year, which expanded. From offering only make-up products, her collection also included fragrances.

One of the make-up products created and released by the tattoo artist is the Kat Von D tattoo liner, which she uses herself.

The tattoo artist is known for her spot-on make-up and her winged eyeliner achieving the perfect “Kat Eye” (cat eye) look.

Make-up lovers and Kat Von D fans were quick to purchase the tattoo liner and they were not disappointed with its quality and easy application.

Kat Von D’s eyeliner on fleek is something that everyone can now achieve with the tattoo liner that the model and entrepreneur created.

Aside from the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, she also released a nearly identical product called the Kat Von D Ink Liner.

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the difference between the two since even the packaging of the tattoo liner and ink liner seemed to be similar.

If you take a closer look though, you’ll see that the tip of the tattoo liner is slimmer than that of the ink liner, which was a bit fatter.

The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner also had thinner line when applied, which makes your application more precise, compared to the ink liner.

The most wonderful bottlenose dolphin facts

Every visitor in leading aquarium shows likes to look at bottlenose dolphins as long as possible. They are surprised with charismatic and intelligent characteristics of these mammals. They know that these mammals are trained to perform the most interesting tricks. They love to focus on the friendly appearance and permanent smile on their face. They get ready to know some interesting bottlenose dolphin facts these days. They can focus on the following details and fulfil their interests directly.

Different characteristics of bottlenose dolphins

In general, bottlenose dolphins are the most attractive mammals in the water. They nurse calves by their mammary glands. They have the best stuff to swim up to 260 meters below the ocean’s surface level. On the other hand, they are shallow divers at all times. This is because they need to breathe in the ocean surface. You may like to know how long these mammals stay under water continuously. Bottlenose dolphins stay up to fifteen minutes underwater. They like to stay diving for a few couple of minutes.

One of the most complex techniques used by Bottlenose dolphins is echolocation. Almost every Bottlenose dolphin uses echolocation technique to find their food and safe places for navigation. Mellon organ in these dolphins play the most important role to do this technique. Once Bottlenose dolphins sent ultrasounds through the water, these sounds bounce back to them after a few seconds. These ultrasounds are detected by the Mellon organ in the Bottlenose dolphins. This healthy organ decodes the ultrasound message and acts like sonar.

Social beings nature of Bottlenose dolphins may surprise everyone who looks at them in aquarium shows. These mammals co-operate each other to get food on a regular basis. They form an active team and optimize the overall efforts of hunting on the whole. They not only co-operate for hunting, but also co-operate for calves rising in safe hands.  One dolphin acts like a midwife to help the mother who needs safeguard its calves in every stage. Some categories of Bottlenose dolphins are similar to the killer whale in terms of their size. The maximum length of these mammals is up to 2.8 meters.

The most outstanding mammals underwater

You will be shocked when you come to know about the internal temperature of Bottlenose dolphins. Among other bottlenose dolphin facts at this time, the internal temperate of these mammals is vital. These mammals have around 36 degrees temperature internally. Blubber is an important element located below the Bottlenose dolphins’ skin. This element is responsible to maintain this body temperature. This fat supports these dolphins regulate the body temperature and resist cold temperature without difficulty.

You may know about human brain weighs from 1200 grams to 1300 grams. On the other hand, Bottlenose dolphins’ brain weights from 1500 grams to 1600 grams.  The weight of the brain does not play the major role behind the intelligence of Bottlenose dolphins.  These mammals are the best communicators in the world since they have the best stuff to make the most distinctive signature whistle. This whistle is very helpful to every Bottlenose dolphin for recognizing each other.  These mammals make some peculiar noises to stunt fish.